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Rural Self-Employment Training Institutes (RSETIs): Login
Rural Self-Employment Training Institutes (RSETI) is setup to upgrade skills in the rural youth leading to self-employment. The Ministry of Rural Development has established RSETIs in all the rural districts of Jharkhand. These institutes are bank led i.e. managed and run by the public/private sector banks with active support of the State and Central Governments.

The RSETI’s core offering is its free, unique and intensive short-term residential training designed for rural youth. What makes it different from other vocational trainings is its demand driven approach, a priority for rural BPL youth, and a wide choice of vocations and continued hand holding to ensure sustainability of micro enterprise and credit linkage after training.
Objectives of the RSETI:
(i)   Training of rural BPL and other youths for self-employment.
(ii)   Need based training programmes.
(iii)   Intensive short-term residential self-employment training programmes with free food and
(iv)  Areas of the training programmes are decided after the aptitude test of the candidate.
(v)    Hand holding support for assured credit linkage with banks.
(vi)   Escort services for at least two years after the end of the training programme to ensure
        sustainability of the micro enterprise trainees.