Latest Report
1Total Districts in the State 24
2No. of Districts where implementation started 24
3Total Blocks in the State263
4No. of Blocks where implementation started 263
5Total Panchayat in the State (Rural)4,369
6No. of Panchayat covered (Rural)4,366
7No. of Cluster formed902
8No. of Village in the State 32,436
9No. of Village covered 26,373
BSocial Mobilization & Institutional Building
1Total SHG No. of NRLM Fold 247,446
2No. of SHGs Formed215,761
3No. of SHGs revived/strengthened 31,685
4 No. of Household covered 3,101,763
5No. of SC Household 444,819
6No. of ST Household 1,124,003
7No. of OBC Household 1,379,678
8No. of Other Household 140,415
9No. of Village Organization Formed17,695
10No. of Cluster Organization Formed754
11No. of Block Federation Formed NA
12No. of Active Women Promoted16,408
13No. of Internal Community Resource Person Developed2,081
14No. of SHG Bookkeeper Promoted58,857
15No. of MIS Bookkeeper Promoted9,443
CFinancial Inclusion
1No. of 3 Month old SHGs Having bank account217,746
2No. of 3 Month old SHGs not Having bank account29,640
3No. of 3 Month old SHGs received RF193,592
4No. of 3 Month old SHGs not received RF 53,801
5Amount of RF (Rs. in Lakh)29,036
6No. of 6 Month Old SHGs prepared MIP/MCP38,027
7No. of 6 Month Old SHGs received CIF38,590
8No. of 6 Month Old SHGs not received CIF208,366
9Amount of CIF (Rs. in Lakh) 21,158
10Total Savings of SHGs (Rs. in Lakh) 13,348.60
11Total Corpus of SHGs (Saving+Interest+RF+CIF) (Rs. in Lakh)
12Total Interloaning (Rs. in Lakh)92,685.70
13No. of SHG Credit linked with Banks96,031
14Amount of credit mobilized through Banks (Rs. in Lakh)2,958.69
15No. of SHGs eligible for Interest Subvention NA
16No. of SHG Received Interest Subvention NA
17Amount of Interest Subvention released (Rs. In Lakh) NA
1No. of Farmers doing SRI1,218,180
2Area Covered under SRI (in Acre) 1,134,168.18
3No. of Farmers adopted Goat Rearing 70,148
4No. of Mahila Kisan Supported under MKSP2
5No. of Producer Group FormedNA
6No. of Aajeevika Krishak Mitra Promoted 12,964
7No. of Pashu Sakhi Promoted 7,765
ESkills Training & Placement
1No. of Youth Registered with JSLPS 49,647